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Мои вопросы для собеседования

Как то раз пришлось вести собеседования и я решил подготовить для себя список вопросов, точнее ответов, чтобы не сесть в лужу. Вот что получилось. Заранее скажу не претендую на "правильность" вопросов, т.к. я не профессиональный собеседователь.


So you are going to work for us?


Will it work or not?

@Controller class MySpringBean {
    @Autowire MyAnotherBean field;
@Controller class MyAnotherBeanA extends MyAnotherBean {}
@Controller class MyAnotherBeanB extends MyAnotherBean {}

Ways to handle exception without try-catch

@Service class MySevice {
    @ExceptionHandler(RuntimeException.class) void handle() {}
@Controller class EH implements HandlerExceptionResolver {
    resolveEx() {}
@ControllerAdvice class GlobalEh {
    resolveEx() {}
@Controller class EHInterceptor implements HandlerInterceptor {}

Null view

class MyController implements Controller {
    ModelAndView handlerequest(req, res) {
        return null;
Also ask what spring will do if we return normal ModelAndView – it will resolve view and put data to response


  • == VS equals
  • String s1 = “a1”, s2=”a2”; s1==s2
  • Object o1 = null; o2 = new SomeClass(); o1.equals(o2), o1==o2; o2=null, o1==o2//true
  • Sort array
  • Public MyClass {void make(){}} – what visibility level does method have without any access modifiers?
  • Find max in array - O(?)
  • HashMap#get – O(?) //O(1) – O(n)
  • Class MyR implements Runnable {}
  • (new MyR()).run() VS (new Thread(new MyR())).start()
  • SPI (Service provide interface)? //loader = ServiceLoader(MyClass.class); loader.iterator()
  • Statefull VS stateless


  • Servlet VS Jsp
  • 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx http codes?
  • What does browser do with 302 code? //Location

Servlet registration

  <url-pattern>/blue/</ url-pattern>

Right way of catching exception in filter

class MyFilter implements Filter {
    void init() {}
    void doFilter(req, res, chain) throws ServletException {
        try {
            chain.doDilter(req, res)
        } catch (ServletException e) {
            throw e;
        } catch (Exception) {
            throw new ServletException(e);

Order of filters


Forward VS Redirect

Forward – on a server, servlet forward, same request to different URL without browser notification
Redirect – via 302 using browser, new request is created so we cannot access to data from first request


  • Find max in table column
  • Joins definition (eiler circles)
  • Make join //select * from Person inner join City on Person.CityId = City.Id


  • Fixed VS absolute
  • do we have these tags in html4?
  • Link js only for ie? <!—[if IE]>
  • Ccs hack for ie? .style{_background:#F00}
  • Graceful degradation?
  • Visibility:hidden VS display:none //not occupy space


  • ‘use strint’; x = 5; //error in ff44, chrome48, ie10
  • == VS ===
  • sourceMaps
  • private method in JS
(function() {
  function my() {
  window.myAPI = my;
})(); //js closure
  • Show alert with vertical scroll value
var timeout
function my scroll() {
  timeout = setTimeout(function() {
  }, 500);
  • Write program with text and button on button click the text should appear
  • localStorage? //setItem
  • XSS/ CSRF protection way //recheck your knowledge
  • Cross domain ajax call? //yes if server provide x-domain or proxy


  • Acess to js
static native void method() /*-{
  • EventBus
  • Can we use 2 super dev mode simultaneously //-codeServerPort 9901
  • Simple task to write panel, label, button and click on button
  • UIBinder
  • If we have a lot of data what type of widget should we use //Cell Tablem cell widget
  • GWT.create(MyInterface.class) what we need to do to create interface?


  •  <div class=’somename’/> //$(‘.somename’);
  •  <div class=’some.name’/>  //$(‘.some\\.name’);
  • $(selector).toogle();
  • .position() VS .offset() //relative to parent, to document



MVC is complex pattern. It consists from Observer (Model notifies View) and Strategy (View chooses Controller)




Complex variant:
public class Singelton {
    private static Singelton INSTANCE = null;
    public static Singelton getSingelton() {
        if (INSTANCE == null) {
            synchronized (INSTANCE) {
                if (INSTANCE == null) {
                    INSTANCE = new Singelton();
        return INSTANCE;

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